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What’s on in the Metroland Studios Gallery.

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Image shows a box file with items arranged around it including a doll which holds a bottle of poppers, and a plant inside a bottle of KA juice.

‘the face of you, my substitute for love’ Adam Farah-Saad & Elvis Universe

A new exhibition from Adam Farah-Saad & Elvis Universe. Reflecting on memory, mourning, connection and catharsis.

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Image shows two women sat on garden chairs outside, facing each other. One pours tea for the other with a happy and peaceful expression on her face. Both women wear headscarves.

Sukoon – Zine Launch and Exhibition

3 Feb: Join us to celebrate the launch of Sukoon, a brand new zine, and it’s companion exhibition.

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Soft Tissue Poster - collaged imagery - reads: Soft Tissue, feeling through precarious times

Soft Tissue: Feeling-through precarious times – Squishy Collective

You are invited to get tactile with Squishy Collective’s latest show. Expect clay, sculpture, film and more. 25th Nov – 10th Dec 2023.

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A man stands at the sink, holding a small mirror in which he seems himself reflected, distorted.

I am sure, Circumsure – Arsalan Isa

A personal show about the titillating world of male circumcision. With 80s love songs, velcro, Frank Ocean and DIY kits. 4th – 19th November 2023.

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Cover image for Heiba Lamara Exhibition: Send To Print, shows a box file holding items including notebooks, pencil, scissors, mobile phone, photograph, tape, with post it note reading: Send To Print.

Send to Print: A Dispatch from the OOMK Archive

Come to an ever-evolving exhibition of the OOMK Zine archive. 14th-29th October 2023.

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Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin

Come and play with these large sound sculptures, share your good intentions for Kilburn and enjoy the healing soundscape. 29th Sept – 8th Oct 2023.

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An unusual instrument built inside a wheeled case with speaker cones, dials and wires.

Allegorhythms – Bill Daggs

Artist Bill Daggs will take over Metroland Studios Gallery and create a space for listening, rest, and meditation. 8th – 24th September 2023

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Painting of a shell in earthy colours with the arm and leg of a black woman reaching out from inside

Sometimes, I Live in a Shell – Yasmin Nicholas

A mixed media exhibition exploring the complexities of Black womanhood.

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Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust x Ed Webb-Ingall

Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust x Ed Webb-Ingall

‘Growing Up B[r]ent’ is a radio play by artist and filmmaker Ed Webb-Ingall produced in close collaboration with Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust, as part of a series of four community-led commissions.

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A painting showing a close-up of a woman with long purple nails, holding an old mobile phone

Linett Kamala

‘Disya Dancehall’ is an installation by artist Linett Kamala at 2c Maygrove Road in Kilburn, that considers the place and the uses of Jamaican dancehall culture in creating and facilitating opportunities for enjoyment and celebration.

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Mahmoud Khaled

The ‘Proposal for a House Museum of an Unknown Crying Man’, Khaled’s installation at Metroland Studios in Kilburn, begins with a video tour of the house as it was installed at the villa of ARK Kültür cultural space in Istanbul, before giving way to the bedroom of the ‘Unknown Crying Man’.

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Composite image of a photograph of a woman wearing handmade clothes playing an unusual handmade string instrument. Behind are sketches of shells.

AWRC x Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin

Metroland Cultures presents Making The Room Sing, a commission by artists Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin developed in collaboration with a group of women from the Asian Women’s Resource Centre (AWRC) based in Harlesden, Brent.

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