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Send to Print: A Dispatch from the OOMK Archive

14th - 29th October 2023

Opening event: 13th October 6-8pm

Relaxed Coffee Morning: 14th October 11.30am - 1pm

Metroland Studios
91 Kilburn Square

Free to attend.

Opening hours:
Mon - closed
Tue - 10-5pm
Wed - 10-7pm
Thu - 10-7pm
Fri - 10-7pm
Sat - closed
Sun - closed

The gallery is wheelchair accessible with step-free access. There are wheelchair accessible toilets.

Please note: There is a change to the exhibition as described below. OOMK are suspending planned activities related to archiving their collected works. The exhibition is now static. Read their full statement as to why on Instagram.

Send to Print: A Dispatch From the OOMK Archive

Send to Print: A Dispatch from the OOMK Archive is an evolving exhibition. It celebrates over a decade of printed matter, zine-making and artistic collaborations by the publishing collective OOMK Zine.

The show explores a roundabout journey in DIY publishing, from the early 2010s to the present day. It takes OOMK’s base in South Kilburn Studios in 2013 as a loose starting point. You will see new and existing publications and projects, ephemera, original artwork, collaborations and internal communications .

Send to Print is a live holding space for OOMK Zine. Members of the collective and friends will collate their personal archives in real-time.

They will scan material, record conversations and organise their hard-drives. The exhibition will change and be updated as they go. The daily changes will map an interconnected ecosystem. A network of DIY publishing and collective work that stretches from Kilburn to Kuala Lumpur. And which examines how print culture, the internet and access to the arts has changed under more than a decade of austerity. 

We encourage visitors (where possible) to visit the exhibition twice. Come 7 days apart to experience two different versions. 

This exhibition is coordinated by Heiba Lamara, Asst. Editor of OOMK Zine and resident at Metroland.

Group visits

If you would like to organise a group visit and tour of the exhibition please email Metroland and OOMK Zine:

about oomk

OOMK (One of My Kind) is a publishing collective and biannual publication run by Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Heiba Lamara since 2013, with Sabba Khan as an original founding member. OOMK Zine explores themes surrounding women, art and activism. It puts a focus on the work of Muslim women and women of colour. They work alongside an incredible community of long-term collaborators and contributors. Together they organise and participate in numerous publishing fairs annually. Plus, they are involved in discussions around independent publishing and DIY culture. Together, they co-founded Rabbits Road Press, where they provide open-access Risograph printing sessions and private workshops for nearby communities, artists and groups. 

About Heiba Lamara

Heiba Lamara is a resident at Metroland Studios. She is Assistant Editor of OOMK Zine and co-founder of Rabbits Road Press. Her work explores independent print and archival practices. In particular she looks at zine-making as a methodological and material practice, to think across disciplines, canons, ecologies and communities.


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