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Who we are

What we do
Close up on Bod Mellor’s mural for George Michael, Brent 2020.

Metroland Cultures is an arts charity that works in, and for, the London Borough of Brent.

We’re called Metroland Cultures because we know there’s more than just one culture in this place. More than one story.

Our mission

Our mission is to build, share and support art and culture in the borough.

We work with the communities around us, to amplify their stories of life here. And we support artists to tell new ones.

Key ideas

Four key ideas inform the work we do:

  • We start with Brent people and celebrate what’s already here.
    Our work is grounded in the stories, needs and histories of people. We listen, learn and act with our community. A big part of Brent cultural life is people doing it for themselves. We find ways to support people who are doing this.
  • We connect artists with communities.
    We bring artists and grassroots organisations together, to hold conversations about what the borough needs, and use art to make it happen.
  • We stand for social justice.
    We make space for difficult conversations, and work towards dismantling inequality anywhere we find it including at Metroland. We want everyone to be able to access the culture we make.
  • We’re on the side of the future.
    Brent has one of the youngest populations in London. Our work has to equip young people with the skills and belief that they have the right to make art and culture, too.

Our vision

Metroland Cultures’ vision informs everything we do. It is for Brent to be known globally for the art and culture that’s made here. Also for its many communities to be recognised and celebrated for shaping it. 

How we work

We work at the intersection of art and community.

We aim to test and pioneer new ways for artists and community groups to work with each other. At the heart of everything we do is a culture of learning, development and transparency.

Find out more about what we do in the Our Work section of the site.