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Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin

29th Sept - 8th Oct 2023
10am - 5pm

Private View: 29th Sept, 6-8pm. Book via Eventbrite.

Metroland Studios
91 Kilburn Square

Open to visitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays - 11am - 5pm.

Wheelchair accessible, step free access.


Book for the Private View
You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but not the ripples of the time

For Collective Rhythms, Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin are creating 5 large sound sculptures. The artworks will live inside the gallery space, for people to come in and play and listen to. Alongside the sound sculptures, there will also be an office. A space for people to write down their anecdotes, wishes, hopes and desires for Kilburn.

Bring your good intentions for Kilburn to our gallery office and translate those into rhythms and sounds using our 5 elemental sound sculptures.

The artist wishes to create a healing soundscape for the community. They will listen to the ‘rhythms and songs’ that have been kept by the sacred land and its inhabitants. Tuning into contemporary frequencies, people and sounds of worship, they will weave together materials, bodies and sounds, as well as people’s desires.

This exhibition is part of Collective Rhythms, a summer of sound, music and healing in Brent.


You are also invited to a ceremonial walk and collective water blessing, dedicated to the lost Westbourne River that used to flow through Kilburn. Taking place on 7th October 2023.

Find out more about the performance.

More about the exhibition

Sound, music and singing are some of the oldest ways of building community and gathering to worship and connect with each other and the divine.

Amanda and Therese’s sculptures relate to the different elements; Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Aether. They have been created with the intention to function as portals, gates and activators to produce cleansing and uplifting frequencies. The sculptures use long notes and long reverberation times that create overtones. In this way, they build on a tradition of reverberation and echo as key sonic components for sounding in sacred spaces.

About Amanda and Therese

Amanda is an artist and energy healer. Her practice includes photography, film, sculpture and performance. In what she calls “participatory rituals” she aims to create spaces which allow for active imagination and play to take place. 

Therese is an artist working with performance, movement and writing, she is also a yoga teacher, facilitating workshops, group classes and individual yoga therapy sessions.

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