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  1. Too Far In – a conversation for Curatorial Affairs

    Curator Christy O’Beirne and Director Lois Stonock in conversation about art, Brent, and the future of affordable arts infrastructure.

  2. A new model for the arts?

    Metroland Director Lois wrote about the need for a new cultural instrastructure for Arts professional.

  3. 2023 in review

    We commissioned an evaluation of our work in 2023. The learnings are being fed into everthing we do going forwards.

  4. Brent Biennial Artist Pio Abad shortlisted for the Turner Prize

    Brent Biennial artist Pio Abad shortlisted for Turner Prize 2024.

  5. Lois in the CVAN spotlight

    Lois spoke to Jo Townsend, Director of CVAN London (one of our newest studio residents) about her journey into the arts and what Metroland Cultures does.