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25 April 2024

Brent Biennial Artist Pio Abad shortlisted for the Turner Prize

Congratulations to Pio Abad, one of four artists shortlisted for this years Turner Prize.

A colourful illustrated artwork which takes the form of a still life, featuring a blue model elephant placed on a red lace shawl, a brown leather bag bordered with shells, a green circular pot, open with gold jewelery spilling out, a framed picture of a skeleton wife and husband, a statue of two horses, rearing up, with a watch embedded under their hooves.

Pio Abad was one of the artists commissioned to create work for the Brent Biennial in 2020. Remember this House was his first permanent public artwork. It took the form of two public murals, both of which can still be seen on the Kilburn High Road today.

The work was co-commissioned by Create London and Metroland Cultures.

Find out more about the commission