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2 May 2024

A new model for the arts?

Lois Stonock, Metroland’s Director, wrote a fiery article for Arts Professional with real hope for the future.

“For us at Metroland, the solution isn’t affordable space. it is free space. I think this is the only way we are going to smash the barriers of class in London and disempower the art market which simply isn’t where we see change. We see money there and not change. I want to invest in artists that change the society that we live in, not in practices that make totems for the rich.

“This partnership [between Brent Council and Metroland Cultures] enabled a 800 sqm cultural hub and now provides free studios for 24 local artists, a gallery, and hosts community organisations like Kilburn Street Kitchen, K2K Radio and Other Cinemas, rent-free. Thus, transforming a security expense into a vibrant cultural asset for Brent.””

Read the full article over on Arts Professional’s website.