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Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin: Performance

7th October

Metroland Studios
91 Kilburn Square

And further afield


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You are invited to a walking performance and participatory ritual blessing.

It will be dedicated to the lost Westbourne River that now runs under the ground we walk. The walk will retrace the river pathways, travelling through hidden urban landscapes, with pre-arranged meeting points on the route.

Each meeting point connects to Kilburn and its history. At each one the artists will give a short performance and there will be a washing of the space with water and soap. The soap will be made from the ashes of the hand written notes of wishes and desires gathered at the exhibition.

Everyone is invited to join in the collective street-cleaning ritual. Together we will recite the wishes and desires, whilst taking part in a collective labour of cleansing and washing. This will connect us to the sacredness of water and the River Westbourne that has been lost. Here it is re-imagined for its power to heal and transform.


The soundscore, as well as the affirmations, is available via a QR code. You can listen on your phone through earphones or speakers during the walk. If you can’t join us on the day you can also use the QR code to recreate the walk in your own time.

More about the exhibition

Titled You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but not the ripples of the time, the exhibition reflects on sound, music and singing as ways of building community and gathering.

Read more about the exhibition.

About Amanda and Therese

Amanda is an artist and energy healer. Her practice includes photography, film, sculpture and performance. In what she calls “participatory rituals” she aims to create spaces which allow for active imagination and play to take place. 

Therese is an artist working with performance, movement and writing, she is also a yoga teacher, facilitating workshops, group classes and individual yoga therapy sessions.

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