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News: Peer-to-Peer

4 members of the Peer-to-Peer 2024 cohort sit together on a sofa, having a conversation.

All moved in! Peer-to-Peer 2024 updates

A look back at the second half of the 2024 Peer-to-Peer workshop programme, and a look into the future for this year’s cohort.

9 May 2024

Coloured text on a pink background reads: Metroland Cultures, 2023 in Review

2023 in review

We commissioned an evaluation of our work in 2023. The learnings are being fed into everthing we do going forwards.

2 May 2024

a picture of two of the peer-to-peer cohort looking through a window and smiling

Peer-to-Peer update: weeks 4 and 5

The Peer-to-Peer 2024 cohort have now had 6 weeks of peer-learning sessions at Metroland and beyond! Read on to hear about what they got up to in week 4 and 5.

8 March 2024

image shows peer to peer artists sitting around a long table, taking part in a discussion

Peer-to-Peer Update: Sessions 2 and 3

16 February 2024

Peer-to-Peer 2024 Cohort announced!

Today the first Peer to Peer session of 2024 took place at Metroland Studios. We are thrilled to welcome the ten artists who have been selected to participate in this year’s artist support programme, Peer to Peer 2024.

24 January 2024