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24 January 2024

Peer-to-Peer 2024 Cohort announced!


We are thrilled to announce the ten artists who have been selected to participate in this year’s artist support programme, Peer-to-Peer 2024.

Today the first Peer-to-Peer session of 2024 took place at Metroland Studios. The new Peer-to-Peer artists kicked-off the programme with a day of introductions and a workshop run by coach Isabel Mortimer, touching on relationships, communication and impacting others. The cohort also got to know each other more over lunch from a local restaurant. In the afternoon the group learnt about their peers’ creative practices.

These 10 weeks of sessions going forward, supported by experienced artists and practitioners, will provide peer learning, reflection, discussion and development.

Peer-to-Peer was developed in conversation with artists in Brent. The programme seeks to address the challenges experienced by many artists in the borough. Scarcity of financial support; little opportunity for peer support; and difficulty gaining visibility. These barriers mean that artists in Brent are often forced to stop practising, or leave the Borough to pursue opportunities.

Peer-to-Peer aims to support artists to grow their practice from within Brent. Offering tailored, meaningful support for artists. The results of which we hope will last beyond the programme itself.

Many thanks

To the Curatorial Committee: Rebecca Heald, Becky Lyon, and Annie Jael Kwan, who have supported in the development and selection process of this years’ programme.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on what the Peer-to-Peer artists are up to, and more about their work!