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20 July 2021

Vent wins Podcast of the Year

Vent Podcast
Vent Podcast

Congratulations to Vent – voted Podcast of the Year at the British Podcast Awards. VENT, was a collaboration between VICE and the young people of Brent, an audio project designed to explore the multitude of issues affecting youth today. Our team of young Brent locals documented their perspective across topics like politics and identity, love and dating, crime, culture, the environment and beyond.

Our judges said: “a brilliantly engaging listen, no matter which of its wonderful presenters was hosting. It gave a fresh insight into real lives as lived by young people, and offered opportunities for those same young people to learn new skills. Excellently produced, it was a format that the judges could see developing into something bigger than the specific location where it was made – perhaps becoming international. A series from the heart of a community that showcased new talent and touched all who heard it.

The Vent team also recently won four awards at the ARIAS:

Gold Grassroots Awards
Silver Best New Presenter
Silver Best Single Factual
Bronze Best New Podcast

Congratulations to the team! To discover more about the Vent series – created as part of the London Borough of Cultures 2020 – please click here. You can listen to Vent on SpotifyiTunes or wherever you normally listen to your podcasts.