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16 May 2024

Celebrating our outgoing Studio residents.

We are in a period of change at Metroland Studios with some of our studio residents leaving us and new Studio residents from our current Peer-to-Peer programme moving in.

We are sad to see our outgoing studio residents leave the studios, we have been so honoured to be part of their development as artists and to see the amazing things they have accomplished during their time here. We say goodbye knowing that they will stay a part of the Metroland Community and that we’ll get to see them continue to do incredible things as they continue their artistic careers.

Kes Eccleston, Becky Lyon, Betty Leung, Amanda and Therese, Bediah, Nilik Khimani, Nafisah Javed, Arsalan Isa, Nathaniel Télémaque, and Yasmin Nicholas.

These residents have achieved so many amazing things, including hosting both group and solo exhibitions of their art, with many of our artists holding their first ever solo shows in the Metroland gallery!

One example of a wonderful group show was the Peer-to-Peer gallery weekender exhibition Loops Made 2 Hold Us // Take Care 2gether.wav which took over Metroland’s gallery on the 15th & 16th July 2023. The exhibition featured new and existing works by artists: Ocean Baulcombe-Toppin, Bediah, Bill Daggs, Dita Hashi, James Jordan Johnson, Nilik Khimani, Becky Lyon and Yasmin Nicholas. It was amazing to see a group show from so many of our talented studio residents and to bring the Metroland community together to celebrate this incredible joint creation.

We also had the joy of hosting solo shows from many of these artists including Yasmin Nicholas with her mixed media exhibition ‘Sometimes I live in a shell’ in which took place in August 2023. The show delved into the complexities of Black womanhood through a collection of diary entries.

It has also been amazing to also see Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin’s work develop during their time here at Metroland, combining their sculptural practice and their work with the Asian Women’s Resource Centre, including the exhibition ‘Making The Room Sing‘ from January – March 2023, and their later exhibition ‘You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but not the ripples of the time’ which took over Metroland’s gallery space in September 2023.

Making The Room Sing – Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin

The group show from the Squishy Collective: ‘Soft-Tissue: Feeling-through precarious times’ was curated and coordinated by outgoing studio artist Becky Lyons. Squishy Collective transformed Metroland’s gallery and social space into a forest of sensory delights, as well as programming incredible workshops throughout the run of the exhibition.

a group of people sit around in a circle surrounded by paper hangings.
Squishy Collective – photo by Eliza Bennett

We also had the honour of hosting the first ever solo show by Bediah, one of our previous Peer-to-Peer artists, her exhibition and launch for her book, ‘Sukoon’ brought crowds of friends, family and audience members to Metroland studios to explore the incredible collaged exhibition, watch her incredibly moving and beautiful documentary film work, buy copies of the Sukoon book, and enjoy delicious food.

We’re so excited to get to see all the incredible things that our outgoing studio artists are going on to create and achieve. Many of our outgoing residents are already developing and producing new and incredible work.

Becky Lyon has many events and workshops coming up including holding a solo-exhibition in Seoul South Korea, as well as running a workshop with All The Elements at Timber Festival in the National Forest in July

Amanda Camenisch and Therese Westin have a multitude of projects on the go. Including: two new performances taking place at the V&A museum in June, a vinyl record launch and performance at the Swiss Church in July, as well as Seeds and Shells: a new body of sculptural works planned for spring 2025.

We’re also excited to welcome our incoming studio artists, many of them from the 2024 Peer-to-Peer programme.

CVAN (Contemporary Visual Arts Network), Dhelia Snoussi, Amanda Colares Silva, Eileen Perrier, Francesca Telling, Jaykoe, Krystyna & Sabina (Kasia Kuzka and Mateusz Piekarski), Zish, Daisy Jones, ESEA unseen (Kim Chin and Sue Man), Rose Nordin, and Ngo Chun Tse.

We look forward to seeing what our new cohort of Studio Artists will create during their time here and to watching our extended Metroland Cultures community grow!