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8 July 2021

Adam Farah wins Studio Voltaire Award

Adam Farah
Adam Farah, Still from STROLLCAST with Abbas Zahedi, for B-Sides [MOMENTATIONS MIX], 2020 (Photo © Adam Farah)

Congratulations to Metroland Studios Resident artist Adam Farah on receiving the LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award award. Farah is one of seven artists who will benefit from this two-year programme of individualised mentoring and professional development opportunities, curatorial and pastoral support and a £2000 bursary.

Adam Farah is an artist, composer and sauce-maker who was born ‘n’ raised in London. They are a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon and Cancer Rising. They also practice under/within the name free.yard– a project set up to engage with and merge curatorial, research, artistic and equitable communal practices; with a focus on the ever expansive and nuanced creative endeavours/potentials that emerge from endz*. free.yard casts a side-eye onto the oppressive and supremacist structures upheld within the complacent and performative liberal bubbles of the artworld/s, and in the long term desires to create collaborative moments for artists to connect, manifest and exhale under such weight.

The LOEWE FOUNDATION / Studio Voltaire Award has been established to celebrate talent, individuality and original thinking within contemporary art practice. The programme also aims to increase and strengthen equitable representation and access, and amplify artistic voices across class, race, gender, sexuality and disability to fully reflect the diversity of London’s population.

Studio Voltaire received over 500 applications for the award, both via open call and through a group of selected nominators. Awarded artists were selected by panel of curators and artists, including Brent Biennial artist Abbas Zahedi.

*endz is a slang term originating in London meaning neighbourhood, but carries its own contextual nuances, mainly referring to working class communities with larger ethnic-minority populations.