Metroland’s Day of Visibility

Metroland Cultures welcomes you to our open-house day celebrating the launch of our inaugural programme, Making Myself Visible. Come check out what’s happening at Metroland Studios in Kilburn Square.

Discover an interactive sculptural exhibition by Rasheed Araeen, as well as workshops, music, family activities, food and more, all from fantastic Brent-based creatives.


Rasheed Araeen - Preliminary Notes - A new exhibition and chance to play with Rasheed Araeen’s interactive sculpture Zero to Infinity in the Kilburn Square garden

A family art workshop playing with sculpture and form with Metroland Studio resident artist Betty Leung

Linett Kamala / Lin Kam Arts - Recipe for a Happy Mind: Soundbites - Experience a multi-sensory intervention by Metroland Studios artist Linett Kamala, who through her Lin Kam Art practice explores the intersection of sound system culture, plants and calligraffiti through culinary gatherings that centre wellness.

A film installation from the Ruins series by Brent’s own dance collective Fubunation. Ruins is a movement and visual art project opening a dialogue surrounding the myth of masculinity within the Pan-African diaspora

Music by Brent-based musicians presented in collaboration with Kilburn State of Mind

Information about how to get healthy fresh food at a fair price from Granville Community Kitchen

Delicious food from The Good Stuff Caribbean Cuisine


FUBUNATION is a London based collective founded in 2017 by Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinada with the vision of adding to black culture by creating more visibility and representation for dancers of colour in contemporary dance.

Granville Community Kitchen is an ethical, sustainable, culturally diverse community food hub, offering food centred activities, services, education and training that is accessible, family friendly and open to all. We place the most disaffected at the centre, co-creating a local response to social issues whilst building capacity and lifting voices to advocate for structural change at local, national and international level.

Linett Kamala is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and carnivalist born in Harlesden, London, U.K. to Jamaican parents. Her passion for enriching the lives of others through art, well-being and education is demonstrated by partnerships with numerous organisations spanning over 30 years.

Linett works across various disciplines including mixed media paintings, murals and DJ soundscapes. She is credited with being one of the first girl DJs to perform at the Notting Hill Carnival with Disya Jeneration sound system which 34 years later, she now manages. Deeply rooted in community empowerment, her socially engaged creative practice ranges from mentoring emerging creatives to taking up space through festival culture. Linett is Founding Director of Lin Kam Art which enriches lives through festival culture via residencies, events and programmes.

Kilburn State of Mind is a charity based in the housing estate of Watling Gardens in Kilburn offering a learning resource and community centre to the residents and local community. Within this facility they teach skills with I.T, computing and a range of music disciplines such as piano and guitar lessons and music production. These facilities and tutoring are free of charge to the residents and local community.

Betty Leung is a visual artist based in London. Her work is an ongoing investigation into human behaviour – why do we do the things we do? Through sculpture, installation, photography and video, her practice is concerned with social, economic and political complexities in the context of human behaviour.