Conversations on Visibility - Moving

FUBUNATION: Ruins x V&A © 3000ceanHill

Join us for our second monthly facilitated panel conversation on the in/visibility of arts practices rooted in local communities, cultures, and care as part of Making Myself Visible.

On Tuesday 26 October, the conversation will focus on the theme of moving.

What can we learn from movements past and present? How does the movement of our bodies help facilitate the movement of our ideas and conversations?

Dance artist and choreographer Lucy Suggate will facilitate this next panel with Errol Donald, Artistic Director and founder of Mindspray and a member of our board who brings his wealth of experience and insights to the conversation, along with Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinada of FUBUNATION, Brent born and raised hip hop choreographers who are expanding their outreach work in a borough with very limited dance resource and Jalal Afhim one of the core practitioners who runs Qigong and Tai Chi sessions for the Men of Colour Healing Programme at Healing Justice Ldn which creates safe spaces for healing for communities that are marginalised.

These facilitators, artists, arts professionals and community organisers share their experiences of what movement means to them in challenging times.

This event and all our Conversations on Visibility are BSL interpreted.

Each conversation centres on one of the four Making Myself Visible themes of gathering, moving, speaking and doing. What does it mean to adopt these principles and practices from community work in arts organisations? What do we know and what do we need to learn? Who should be part of the conversation? Who should lead?

Watch the full conversation here:


Lucy Suggate © Amy Sinead

Lucy Suggate is a dance artist and choreographer, her movement practice is an ongoing inquiry into the perceptual and physical expansion that occurs when engaged in long term moving and thinking.

A lot of her current focus is around occupying different spaces to practice in, investigating artistic sustainability and revisioning future dance models as ethical, dynamic and flexible operations.


Mindspray x Blueprint Collective Write Here, Write Now © Mindspray 2019

Inspired by Graffiti art and culture, Mindspray exists to preserve, celebrate and showcase cultural narratives through storytelling, events, and exhibitions.

Bringing together expertise from the arts, culture and wellbeing, we collaborate with groups and individuals to establish transformative spaces for cultural leadershipEngaging the passion and energy of artists, educators, and creative producers, our work ranges from supporting groups and individuals in early years and educational settings, to wider public realm engagement and community wellbeing.Bringing together expertise from the arts, culture and wellbeing, we collaborate with groups and individuals to establish transformative spaces for cultural leadership.


Ruins x V&A © 3000ceanHill

FUBUNATION is a London based collective founded in 2017 by Rhys Dennis and Waddah Sinada with the vision of adding to black culture by creating more visibility and representation for dancers of colour in contemporary dance. Their objective is to build more diversity in the audiences that come to theatres and other dance platforms.


Jalal Afhim, Healing Justice London

Jalal (he/him) is a qualified career coach and educator. He is also a social justice activist with a focus on equity in careers education and the workplace. He runs a wellbeing/support space for staff of colour at the University of London, and is a core member of the King’s College London Race Equality Network. Jalal travelled to China in 2005 to learn Chen Family Taijiquan, and spent 8 years there. He has been lucky enough to study under Master Chen Ziqiang, and Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing. Since returning to the UK he has worked in universities and in the NGO sector in Greece. Jalal runs HJL’s weekly Tai Chi & Qigong sessions for Men of Colour.