Reggae Map

The iconic people and places behind Brent’s reggae history

The Reggae Map & Archive traces a trail through the borough to show how Brent and reggae music changed Britain forever.

Brent was the cradle of a reggae revolution that swept the UK – and from clubs and record shops to offices and homes, we’re mapping the places where it happened. Taking inspiration from Kwaku’s pioneering ‘Brent Black Music History Project’, the Reggae Map uses the stories and memories of the people of Brent to show how the borough brought the sounds of the Caribbean to the UK – reshaping the British music scene beyond recognition. Explore today!

Looking at themes of pioneering artists, fandom, women in reggae and sound system culture, the Reggae Archive brings this to life through people’s memories and personal thoughts about Brent's contribution to reggae, its impact and legacy. This is a story which has never quite had the platform it deserves, in the borough or around London, and in 2020 we want to tell it through the No Bass Like Home programme, and support the upcoming talent in the area.

Listen to a digital archive of oral histories documenting Brent’s contribution to Black British music and vital place in reggae history. Themes include:

The Reggae Map & Archive is part of No Bass Like Home, a major project celebrating the history of reggae in Brent.