VENT, a collaboration between VICE and the young people of Brent, is an audio project designed to explore the multitude of issues affecting youth today. Across a number of podcast series, the team of young Brent locals documented their perspective across topics like politics and identity, love and dating, crime, culture, the environment and beyond.

VENT shared the formative experiences of young people currently living in the borough, sending them across Brent, the capital and beyond. Working with the VICE media platform, creative young people from across the borough developed 100 new podcasts addressing themes of justice, youth culture, current affairs and politics in Brent.

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Winner of Podcast Of The Year at the British Podcast Awards

Thank you to the VENT Production Team: Jess Lawson, Emilia Gill, Moeed Majeed, Arlie Adlington, Kamiah Chae Cowell, Rose de Larrabeiti and Lucas Fothergill.


Across three series: Identity, Love and Justice, young people from Brent tell you the stories they care about. Each episode is co-produced with a new young person from Brent.

We recommend you start by listening to 15 year old Khalid Dovie’s episode - all about Drill. People are always saying Drill causes violence, and Khalid sets out to educate them on what Drill is really about. You can listen here.


Hosted by Brent residents Santos Da Silva, Amelia Mya Alleyne, Suprina Thapa and Nuradean Arreythe, VENT Weekly highlights a new issue, every week. From the dark web to intersectional feminism to economics, our hosts get to the bottom of the things they care about.

Right now, our favourite episode is a discussion all four of our hosts had with broadcaster Linda Adey, just after the death of George Floyd as a result of the actions of the Minneapolis Police. You can listen here.


Oh yeah, that’s right. Sometimes we get so into a subject on VENT Weekly that we turn it into a daily show!

The first time we did this, it was for Mental Health Awareness Week. One of our highlights from that series was Santos talking about healthy relationships. You can listen to that episode here.

The next mini-series was all about family, which launched at the end of July. Each episode was hosted by a young person from Brent and a member of their family, discussing a shared experience with an expert.

Our latest VENT Daily mini-series is all about education. As we’re back into September and schools are re-opening, we’re thinking about education. This series is all about what we wish we’d learnt at school, and what we think teachers should know about.


Covid-19 has been really stressful and confusing, especially for young people. There is so much misinformation floating around that it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is. So we decided to launch a new mini series on VENT Weekly: Covid-19 Fact Checkers. Hosted by VENT Weekly’s Amelia Mya Alleyne, every episode we have a call in from a young person from Brent with a question about Covid-19. We set about to answer that question.

Right now, our favourite episode is about why some people of colour are being hit the harder by Covid-19 than white people. You can listen to that episode here.

This forms part of Brent 2020 Unlocked.

VENT Podcasts are a collaboration between VICE UK and Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture.

Thank you to the VENT Production Team: Jess Lawson, Emilia Gill, Moeed Majeed, Arlie Adlington, Kamiah Chae Cowell, Rose de Larrabeiti and Lucas Fothergill.

With thanks to the members of the VICE Engagement Board who are guiding the project:

Jessica Mensah – Blueprint Collective
Joseph Nicholas – Community Advisor
Keshav Harivardhan – Blueprint Collective
Lauren Adeyemi – Blueprint Collective
Lucy Fine – Community Advisor
Rae Tarbox – Blueprint Collective
Savannah Mullings-Johnson – Blueprint Collective
Zeeyan Wardah Khan – Community Advisor