Close up on Bod Mellor's mural for George Michael, Brent 2020.

Metroland Cultures' mission is to build, share and support art and culture in Brent by supporting communities to amplify stories of Brent life, and working with artists to tell new stories.

We work towards achieving this through 6 strands of work:

Annual Festival Programme

This is Metroland Cultures' big visible moment for everyone to get involved with across the borough. This strand is bringing together research, relationships, projects & programmes that happen year round to showcase Brent. In summer 2022, this is the Brent Biennial and in 2023 it will be a summer Music Programme. This strand is about attracting people into Brent to visit us and creating a moment that can mobilise the brough to showcase artists, communities and what is most important.

Learning from and training Young People

This is about Metroland Cultures investing into the future of the creative industries, into the borough, and into the development and future of our organisation through tangible, paid and accessible programmes. It is about equipping young people with skills and confidence to join the creative industries. And it is about succession planning for our organisation, in 10 years (hopefully sooner) our team will represent the makeup of the borough.

Committing to Artist Development in Brent

This is about Metroland Cultures sharing the relationships, experiences, partnerships and resources with the borough’s artists, particularly those working in the visual arts and music. It is about ensuring the curators, programmers, partners and artists that contribute to our programme can share their learning and expertise with those that are invested in the future of the borough. It recognises that artists need to be paid for their contribution and is committed to developing a cohort of artists that will be the future of the Annual Festival Programme.

Partnership and Constituency with our Community

This is about a deep commitment to our audiences. It is about ensuring we are listening to those that we work with, collaborate with and those that are leaders in our community. It is ensuring that we are part of a network across the borough of Brent that works together to make Brent a better place to live and work. It is also about ensuring Metroland Cultures adds value and doesn’t duplicate work that is already happening across the vast grass roots network in the borough. This strand of work sees our contribution to working groups, supporting our audiences to come closer into the heart of decision making and makes room for different approaches to the work we do- no matter where they come from.

Research and learning in everything we do

This is about researching, learning and sharing the work we do and the approaches we take across the organisation, the Borough, London and the UK. This takes the form of programming to open up the discussion about the future of the intersection of art, culture and community in Brent. It is also iterative and learns from and with others that are trying similar approaches across the voluntary sector both in the borough and across the globe and looks to find learning. It is also about ensuring the team and organisation is constantly learning and reflecting on the work we do both together as a team and supporting individuals to learn and grow their careers.

The Brent Hustle

‘The Hustle’ It is about finding ways for us to grow as an organisation in the borough that feels right for the community we serve, one that brings along all the community over building a new institution. It is about recognising the challenges of the community we serve and being sensitive to the way we generate income and how and where we get our money from. Beyond this it is about supporting the sector to grow with us and ensuring we are sharing the skills, resources, and knowledge we have in the borough. It is about looking beyond transactional partnership towards long term investment into relationships and ensure we grow with the community and bring people, organisations and funders with us as we pioneer this new approach.