Brent has a history of supporting some of the world’s biggest talents in sport, music, art and more. This lively borough in north-west London is renowned in the music world and was once home to reggae icon Bob Marley, The Who drummer Keith Moon, superstar George Michael and reggae vocalist Janet Kay (to name a few).

2020 marked Brent’s year as the Borough of Culture. Reimagined as the ‘Borough of Cultures’, the project championed work by local artists, recorded and celebrated stories from the local Reggae scene, and amplified local young people’s voices and abilities. The first Brent Biennial, culminated with art by local artists displayed on buildings and billboards and across 10 community and council libraries.

A major project as part of the 2020 Brent Biennial was the influential work ‘No Bass Like Home’ shining a spotlight on the reggae revolution that emerged from Brent to sweep the UK. Read more about the project - and how you can contribute to the growing archive - here.

The first Brent Music Biennial in 2023 will grow on the musical histories of the borough, promoting and supporting the diversity of musical voices.